Hoster Report Job 3.1.35717

Collect BM instance reports

Release date: Dec. 21, 2018
Utilities Administration System

BlueMind target version: 3.5.10+ (< 3.5.12-3/4.0.2)
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This addon is only available for partners.

As a premium BlueMind partner, you are entitled to Hoster subscriptions, which allow you to offer BlueMind to your customers in SAAS mode.

Hoster subscriptions are charged by BlueMind on actual usage, so you need a way to collect your BM instance information and send it to us: this is precisely what this Add-On is meant to do.

CAUTION : from BlueMind 3.5.15/4.2.0 the feature is directly integrated in BlueMind core, so this add-on is deprecated.

CAUTION: from BlueMind 3.5.12-3/4.0.2: the add-on is available in the main bluemind repository. Installing is just a matter of:

aptitude install bm-plugin-core-hoster-report

In that casen, any jar from a previous install should be deleted manually (rm /usr/share/bm-core/extensions/*).

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Author: BlueMind

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