bmTraces 0.1

Advanced tool for parsing, searching in Postfix mail log.

Release date: July 30, 2016

BlueMind target version: ALL
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bmTraces is a tool for parsing postfix mail log files.

This first version (0.1) is generic and can be reuse in any of your project, according the GPLv3 License.


The next steps are :

* give possiblity to print the detail panel

* add specific BlueMind logs parsing



Release notes

This the first and generic version of bmTraces.

This one is only focused on postfix mail log.

So, it can be used in any other plateform than Blue-Mind.


Nex ones will be more specific.




Installation instructions

The archive file contains an deb version and a tarball of the deb source.

Install it as admin.

You must have admin right to call this tool, with just "bmTraces".

"bmTraces"  is in the path ("/usr/bin")


The first account is "admin" and its password "password".

You can add any accounts as you want in "profile" sub-menu.

Only the adminone  can't deleted


Nothing else.



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Author: Pascal Salaun

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