vadesecure 1.3

Email security

Release date: Oct. 8, 2015
Administration System Security

BlueMind target version: 3.0.x
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VadeSecure features anti-spam, anti-phishing and anti-malware solutions to effectively secure your BlueMind platform. The security layer is a combination of a heuristic filter, a webpage exploration engine, machine learning, big data and the VadeSecure ecosystem. Efficient against any kind of threat, such as targeted phishing, malware and spam.

This plugin allows for a simple integration of Vadesecure in a BlueMind setup.

Release notes

First official VadeSecure integration package for BlueMind 3.0.x.

Installation instructions

To install, you must deploy then run ./ on your BlueMind server.

Then you must register to update your virus database.


To generate an evaluation licence for 1 month and register as a VadeSecure user, launch this script:

python /opt/vaderetro/scripts/

Keep the returned information securely as they are your unique Vadesecure licensing IDs.



You should receive later an email from Vadesecure to your mailbox to get and manage your licensing information.


Once in possession of your licence number, add Vadesecure licence to your installation:


/opt/vaderetro/scripts/ <vaderetro_licence_number>





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