Emo: Essential Mail Only SAAS

Emo reduces email overload for overworked managers

Release date: April 27, 2015

BlueMind target version: v3.0
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In too many companies, employes and managers are overwhelmed by emails with negative impacts on personnal well-being, efficiency and company productivity.

To stop email overload in companies, Essential Only designed a global solution by targeting the root cause, the sender and by easing the pain for the recipient:

-       A smart algorithm reduces time spent for sorting and processing incoming emails in your inbox

-       The sender is guided to write pertinent and well targeted emails to reduce processing time for the recipients.

Emo, Essential Mail Only, is set on top of your email system and brings 3 innovations:

-       Automatic classification of incoming emails according to the recipient profile based on machine learning user preferences: Important emails, Non-Importants emails, Newsletters

-       Relevance prediction while sending an email to know if my email is of any interest to the recipient and then will be answered quickly

-       Control of email etiquette as defined by your company to ensure well written and efficient emails.

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Author: Essential Only

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Founder and CEO at Essential Only.

We develop a software solution to reduce email overload within companies.