Centreon BlueMind Plugin Pack 2.0-9

Plugins and templates to integrate BlueMind in Centreon monitoring tool

Release date: Feb. 17, 2015

BlueMind target version: 3.x
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Centreon is free open source software enabling you to monitor all the infrastructures and applications of your information system.

The plugins packs are a set of templates and plugins. They offer a simplified and optimized monitoring of your IT infrastructure. The pre-configured templates promote a quick and performant deployment.

This plugin pack is packaged in rpm for RedHat/CentOS/CES distributions.

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Release notes

Change influxdbapi to httplib api

Installation instructions

yum install ces-plugins-Applications-Mail-Bluemind ces-pack-Applications-Mail-Bluemind

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Author: Centreon

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Centreon is a French company specialized in IT monitoring.