Bm-stats 2.0.7

Bm-stats is a statistics module focused messaging

Release date: Dec. 15, 2014
Utilities System

BlueMind target version: 2.0.x
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Bm-stats is a statistical tool for Blue Mind.

See at a glance all information contained in BlueMind mail logs concerning a domain or a specific account. 

Various displays are offered to have a better understanding in your mail traffic.

Data obtained through this tool can be exported as pdf every month and even sent by mail.

Homepage of the tool provides a monitoring graph for the last 12 hours and can refresh automatically every 5 seconds if needed.

Note : Only administrator accounts can access those data

Release notes

Version x.0.7

  • resolved a problem on Ubuntu (mail.log owns to syslog and not root) (Thanks to C. Parfait)
  • modify and correct few things in PDF Reports

Installation instructions

the following packages must be installed:

php5-fpm php5-cli libdate-calc-perl postfix-pcre bm-soap libxml-simple-perl

1) From Deb :

apt-get update
apt-get install php5-fpm php5-cli libdate-calc-perl postfix-pcre bm-soap libxml-simple-perl 
dpkg -i bm-stats-[version]_all.deb

2) from sources:

tar xzf bm-stats-[version]_src.tar.gz
cd xzf bm-stats-[version]_src/
chmod +x

you can access to bm-stats on : http://my.server.tld:10290

Technical area: 
bm-stats based on file 'mail.log. Rotation at 0:00 is managed by bm-stats. 
By default, the log daemon is rsyslogd (cf / etc / init.d / rsyslog). If you use another logging software, it will then edit the file:


and change the variable "logdaemon" (L18) with the name of the script in /etc/init.d/ "which manages this daemon, eg "syslog-ng"

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Author: Pascal Salaun

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